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Software Assurance Training Vouchers for Office 2010, 2013 and Office 365 Training

We are excited to announce that the Software Assurance Training benefit is expanding! Starting in July 2012, customers with SA Training Vouchers will be able to use their SATV days to accelerate and increase the success of their Office 2010, Office 2013 and Office 365 deployments through Office 2010, 2013 and Office 365 Running Start Demonstration Sessions focusing on end user readiness training.

Demonstration Sessions are the exclusive and only end user training offering through Software Assurance Training Vouchers and can be delivered by any Learning Partner enrolled in the SATV Program.
Demonstration Sessions:

  • Are designed to be delivered in short-repeatable sessions in a seminar type setting
  • Are delivered in a demonstration/presentation style with no hands-on component
  • Must be delivered as a private training session
  • Can be delivered virtually or on-site
  • Must be delivered with Demonstration Session Materials. Content is modular and can be customized
  • Covers Office 2010/2013/365 suite, SharePoint 2010/2013, and Lync 2010/2013


Instructions for Software Assurance Benefits Managers

Follow these four easy steps to activate and use your Microsoft® Software Assurance training voucher benefit.

Step 1: Activate your training voucher benefit

To activate your training voucher benefit, go to the Volume Licensing Service Center Web site at  and sign in by using your Windows Live™ ID benefits manager credentials. If you do not have the administrative permissions necessary to activate the benefit, get in touch with your Notices contact. After you have obtained the permissions and sign in, click Software Assurance on the left side of the page. On the Benefit Summary page, click Training Voucher. On the next page, click Activate Benefit

Step 2: Review the list of eligible courses

Before creating a training voucher, review the qualified course listand identify those courses that interest your employee. You can create training vouchers that cover training for one to five days, so it is important that you know the duration of the course your employee wants to take.

Step 3: Gather and enter voucher requirements

Gather the following employee information:

 First name   

 Last name  

 Work e-mail address  (do not use personal email address)

 Voucher length (one to five days)

On the Benefit Summary page, click Training Voucher. Then click Create Training Voucher, and enter all necessary information.  The training voucher will be sent to the work e-mail address that you just entered. If training is for a group, please assign all training vouchers to yourself or the managers to avoid confusion.  In the meantime, please contact our learning solutions specialist.

Step 4: Ask your employee(s) to contact Solartech or simply enter the voucher information when registering online.




Q. What is the Microsoft® Software Assurance training voucher benefit?

A. Customers who have Software Assurance membership in the application or system pools are eligible for Microsoft training vouchers.

Note: This benefit is not available to Academic Select License, Select Plus for Academic, Campus Agreement, or School Agreement customers.

Training vouchers entitle customers to receive courses from Microsoft Certified Partners for Learning Solutions (Solartech) for a specific number of training days. The number of days granted varies by program and the number of qualifying Software Assurance licenses acquired. The training vouchers are electronic and can be used at any participating Learning Solutions partner location worldwide.


Q. How do customers benefit from using their Software Assurance training vouchers?

A. The benefits of training vouchers include:

Reduced training costs—User training is included under the Software Assurance coverage. Technical training for employees does not incur additional expense.

Employee skill enhancement—Training offers employees increased proficiency and productivity.

Learning Solutions partner support—Our Learning Solutions partners can help create an optimal training strategy for your organization and help you plan the most effective way to use training vouchers.

Guaranteed pricing—Microsoft and Learning Solutions partners have set pricing that is included with Software Assurance coverage. One training voucher day equals one classroom-training day.

When a voucher is created from the available training days, how long does it last?


A. Training vouchers expire 180 days after their creation date. If the designated employee does not use a voucher within 180 days, the voucher is automatically revoked and the training days are returned to the company pool of days for use by others. If the customer agreement has expired, vouchers and training days will be forfeited.


Q. How does Microsoft decide the number of training days to give to my organization?

A. The number of training days that your organization receives depends on the number and type of product licenses purchased that include Software Assurance coverage.




Q. How are training vouchers created?

A. Follow these steps to create training vouchers:

Make a list of employee names (and corresponding corporate e-mail addresses) that will be eligible for technical training.

Determine the length, in days, of the courses for which you want to create training vouchers.

Go to the Volume Licensing Service Center site at and sign in to create vouchers.

Note: You do not have to enter a course name when you are creating vouchers. Only the course length is required.


Q. What if I created the training voucher for fewer days than the class duration?

A. The training voucher must be created for the length of the course. If the voucher was created for fewer days than the length of the course because your organization has no additional days to add, the difference in days must be paid directly to the Learning Solutions partner.

Note: If you mistakenly created the voucher for fewer days than you need, please revoke the voucher. Revoking the voucher will automatically return the training days to the company pool of days, and a new voucher for the correct duration can be created. To revoke a voucher, visit the Volume Licensing Service Center site at


Q. I accidentally created a training voucher. How can I have the training days returned to our voucher pool?

A. If you revoke your assigned voucher, the training days it represents will be returned to your voucher pool. Please visit the Volume Licensing Service Center site at and sign in to revoke a voucher.


Q. What do employees need to provide to the Learning Solutions partner when reserving a course?


A. The trainee must provide the training voucher number and the e-mail address used when the voucher was created. If one of these items is incorrect, the voucher cannot be validated.


Q. What if the e-mail address of the benefits manager was used when the training voucher was created?

A. If the e-mail address of the benefits manager was used to create the voucher, the company employee must use that e-mail address when reserving a course. The employee will also be required to provide the Learning Solutions partner with his or her own e-mail address for later use by the partner.


Q. Will trainees receive a hard copy of the training voucher from Microsoft?

A. Training vouchers are in electronic format only. Microsoft does not send a hard copy. If needed, a trainee can print the reservation confirmation page and submit it to the Learning Solutions partner for verification. The confirmation page is sent automatically to the designated employee when a voucher is created at the Volume Licensing Service Center site at




Q. May I use training vouchers for any Official Microsoft Learning Product courses?

A. Training vouchers can be used for IT professional and developer courses only. Some exceptions apply. Vouchers cannot be used for First-Look clinics or hands-on labs.


Q. May I use training vouchers to attend Microsoft Dynamics courses?

A. You may use training vouchers to attend some Microsoft Dynamics CRM courses, but in general, Microsoft Dynamics courses are not considered Official Microsoft Learning Products and are therefore you cannot use training vouchers to attend these courses.


Q. What if an employee wants to attend a class that is not on the Software Assurance list of eligible courses?

A. Software Assurance training vouchers can only be used for eligible courses.




Q. Where can I redeem my training vouchers?

A. You can redeem training vouchers only at participating Learning Solutions partner.


Q. Can Learning Solutions partners who are not participating in the training voucher program accept training vouchers?

A. Only Learning Solutions partners who are participating in the training voucher program with a signed Software Assurance agreement can accept training vouchers.


Q. Will each designated employee receive a hard copy of the instructor-led Official Microsoft Learning Products student kit?

A. Yes, designated employees receive a complete instructor-led student kit (electronic or print version) from their Learning Solutions partner.


Q. Are Learning Solutions partners required to use a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) to deliver Software Assurance courses?

A. Yes, all courses taught by Learning Solutions partners must be led by an MCT.


Q. Can training vouchers be redeemed for training at a Microsoft IT Academy?

A. No, the Software Assurance training voucher program is an exclusive benefit for Learning Solutions partners. Training vouchers can be redeemed only at participating Learning Solutions partner.





Q. What is the value of each Software Assurance training voucher?

A. One training voucher day equals one classroom training day. For example, if a course is five days, a five-day voucher is required.


Q. Does the voucher value vary by course type?

A. The voucher value is the same for all eligible courses. There is no difference in voucher value between a developer course and an IT professional course. If the course length is the same, they both require the same number of voucher days.




Q. How can a trainee cancel a class reservation?


A. The trainee can contact the Learning Solutions partner to cancel a class reservation. Local cancellation policies apply.

Q. What if a trainee wants to cancel a reservation after the course cancellation date?

A. Late cancellations can incur additional costs for your organization. Contact your Learning Solutions partner to learn more about its cancellation policies before making a late cancellation.